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Dogs, with their wagging tails, warm eyes, and unwavering loyalty, bring a unique kind of joy and unconditional love into our lives. From the time we acquired them from our trusted best dog breeders, until the day we have to

SpotOn Virtual Fence is a service that helps businesses define and manage virtual boundaries around their property. It uses GPS to create a virtual fence around a specific location, and then alerts the business when someone enters or leaves the

It is a universal fact that behind every well-groomed dog, there’s a loving yet exhausted pet parent. Taking care of your pets is a never-ending task that becomes all the more difficult if your dog hates getting groomed. Furthermore, professional

In the last three months, Hounds Town USA has seen incredible growth in their business, as they purchased the former St. Luke’s Petcare facility in suburban Farmingdale, New York. Now, they are the newest owners of the famous Hounds Town

If you have to go to an important business event and do not know where to keep your pet for a day, you can resort to a dog daycare center. The daycare center is sure to help your dog make