Dangerous foods that should not be given to a cat

Any living being should take care of what they eat as nutritional needs are common for any animal or human being. There is an assumption that cats can eat pretty much anything and owners will also be tempted to feed them the scraps that are left as cats will seem like they might enjoy having them.

But owners should make sure to feed cats and give them correct cat food as some items are extremely dangerous for cats.

Human Foods that are safe to feed a cat

There is much harmless human food that can be fed to cats without feeling guilty. Even though these foods are extremely safe for cats, they should not be fed in large quantities.

Some of the harmless human food that can act as good cat food includes


Cats love fish. But without allowing them to eat fish directly from aquariums it is okay to feed them oily fish like tuna and mackerel. Feeding fish helps them to improve eyesight and is beneficial for ints and brain as well.


When home-cooked poultry is available in the home, there is no need to hesitate for feeding that to cats. Cats cannot enjoy meat that is high in sodium. Because too much salt like in the case of ham is not good for a cat’s health.


Cheese is rich in calcium and protein. Hence sharing a slice or wedge of cheese with cats is completely normal and is not dangerous.


Bananas are high in sugar content. So this should be considered as special cat food as too much sugar is not good for cats. But they are good and can be considered a healthy snack.


Cats can be fed with cooked carrots but it is not a necessary item on their menu. Avoid raw carrots by all means as cats can choke because of them.

Dangerous foods that are toxic for cats

      Onions and garlic

These food items when consumed as cat food can damage the red blood cells of cats. They should not be given to cats in large quantities as they are harmful. If fed without knowledge it is advisable to consult a vet immediately.

      Raw eggs and raw meat

Eating raw eggs and raw meat is harmful to cats as it is harmful to humans as well. Even raw bones should not be fed to cats as that will injure their digestive tract and might be dangerous for their teeth.


As many people know chocolates are not good for dogs, they are not good for cats also. Consuming chocolates will result in vomiting in cats and in some cases, they may even experience diarrhea.


There are many food items that are dangerous and toxic to cats. When consumed without knowing it is better to consult a vet immediately as they are fatal for them. Some of them include alcohol, milk, dairy products, grapes and raisins, Dog foods.

Store all these foods away from cats’ reach. Install cat-proof locks for cabinets where these items are stored for safety measures. Make sure not to feed cats table scraps as it is difficult to notice if these items are mixed in those items.