Pet Care Services Offered Through Hounds Town USA.

In the last three months, Hounds Town USA has seen incredible growth in their business, as they purchased the former St. Luke’s Petcare facility in suburban Farmingdale, New York. Now, they are the newest owners of the famous Hounds Town USA brand name. Since purchasing this popular name-brand location in suburban Farmingdale, New York, the owners of have seen tremendous success as retailing pet care franchise locations across the nation.

The proud owners of Hounds Town USA s newly s third place, Hounds Town, have achieved such phenomenal success because of their commitment to providing the best in pet care services and their ability to bring new consumers into the fold.

People were drawn to the great offers that the company made at the time-the pet grooming packages, pet daycare, pet training, etc. They understood right from the start that their focus would be on pet care services.

Today, Hounds Town USA is known for more than just pet care services. Pet owners can receive many other types of pet services through their pet care franchises. For example, some of the franchise locations focus on therapy pets-these are special dogs and cats that are training to assist individuals suffering from sensory impairments, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and more.

Pets trained to assist people with these medical conditions can provide soothing relief to their owners. Pet Therapy is one of the popular pet care services offered through many franchise locations.

Another popular pet care service offered through Hounds Town USA, Inc.

is dog walking. Pet owners have the option of utilizing the services of a dog walker to take their dog for walks. The pet walker will typically visit the home first, to assess the needs of the dog and its family.

Then, the walker will make his or her way throughout the neighborhood, visiting each house, seeking out the best walkers for the job, and bringing the dog back for the owner. Many times, the dog walker will also bring along treats for the owner.

Another service offered through Hounds Town USA, Inc. is pet grooming. Pet groomers come into the home, garage, or pet-sitting arrangement, and use their professional knowledge and experience to groom the pet. They will remove fleas, ticks, mites, etc. from the animal.

There are many other pet care services offered through Hounds Town USA, Inc. including but not limited to: pet sitting, pet grooming, dog walking, and pet care. Each pet care service is highly personalized to fit each pet care recipient’s needs. As a pet owner, you have the right to receive whatever care your pet needs at any time, day or night. It is completely up to you.