Simple Rules For Finding The Perfect Harness For Your Dog!

Most dog parents have a hard time selecting a harness for their beloved pooch. Harnesses are definitely more secure and comfortable, especially for dogs who have a tendency to pull on a walk or during training. The good news is you will find a wide range of options in the category, including popular ones like Y Harness. In this post, we are discussing all that you need to know about selecting a harness for your dog.

Consider the style

Some harnesses are idea for training, while others are great for regular walks. If you have a senior dog, for instance, you will need what’s called a mobility harness, because these harnesses distribute the weight, so lifting is easy. For training, go for harnesses that are lighter and wouldn’t bog down the pet. There are also products that have been tested for crashes and ideal for car travel needs.

Check the clip

The attachment of the harness or the clip is another feature to consider. For some harnesses, it is located on the back, which is ideal for taking dogs for walks, especially those that have been trained and are usually calm on the walk. The harness in such cases is not meant to control the movement of the animal. If you want more control on the animal, go for a harness that has the clip on the front, which is usually around the chest ad allows adequate control. As for tightening harnesses, you have to find one that doesn’t hurt your pooch.

Think of the material

The fabric of a harness is important, and while nylon remains a popular choice, you will find ones that have extra leather padding. If you are not talking the animal in rain, go for a leather padded harness that’s usually more comfortable. Make sure that you don’t compromise on this aspect for the price, because the quality of the harness does make a difference to the dog’s comfort.

In conclusion

Some harnesses do have additional things, like a reflective trim, so that you can find the harness easily. You may also want to check if the leash has a handle, which adds to the comfort as you walk the dog. The style and design largely impact the way the animal moves and walks, so make sure that you select one that’s easy to handle but doesn’t impact the walk and playtime of your dog.

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