Ways to Protect Hemp Plants When Deer are Browsing

With the arrival of spring, outdoor hemp cultivators face concerns about how to protect their cash crop from deer browsing. In brief, deer are hungry in the springtime and they like to eat a variety of things. Here are two methods to make certain your plants will exist this season.

We’re obsessed with gorgeous, functional trellis netting!

Trellis nets are often used in cannabis growing to help plants grow taller. However, they’re also common when planting indoor cannabis, used as tray liners during the drying and curing process.

To protect plants from getting hurt, trellising structures allow them to receive direct sunlight while staying protected from wildlife encounters. It also keeps the leaves dry, which enhances photosynthesis.Nets can be used vertically or horizontally, depending on the type of plants that are being grown in your garden.

Trellis netting is commonly used as tray liners, drying nets for hemp flowers, and soil moisture enhancement panels. There are many benefits to using plastic drying netting as a tray liner for marijuana plants. One of the main advantages is that this mesh is lightweight and easy to work with. It’s also easy to clean and reusable, which means you won’t need to replace the material after just a few uses. Plastic lattice mesh can also be cheaper than other options and can be used in outdoor settings as well.

Deer Fencing

Installing a deer fence is virtually maintenance free and is the most recommended deer management strategy for protecting plants from deer browsing.

 Choose one made of polypropylene or metal with a PVC-coating as a secondary layer of protection against deer damage.

Plastic deer fence can be purchased in different heights, with some available in light and moderate deer pressure. If you need something more heavy duty, you’ll want to install a metal deer fence – the stronger option.

As an alternative approach to deer fencing, many people prefer 7.5-8′ systems that are easy to install and can stand for up to 30 years. If you’re interested in this option, consider pre-ordering yours today.


In winter, it’s hard to grow plants because there are too few resources. In the spring, it becomes easy for humans and deer to grow plants. If you want to protect your plants, install a deer fence or trellis netting so that deer won’t be able to do any serious damage.