What We Can Do To Save Endangered Animals?

Have you ever seen a Sumatran Orangutan or a Blue Whale? Well, these two animals are hard to be seen now. Why? Well, they are endangered animals. They live in limited numbers with a high risk of death. It is not only Sumatran Orangutans or Blue Whales that live in danger. Many animals are considered endangered now. Some of them are facing true extinction threats. What are the factors that force these animals into extinction?

Some factors are forcing animals to live at the risk of extinction. One of them is the loss of habitat. You may often hear that deforestation is happening in the world. This condition leads to the habitat loss of the animals. This habitat loss can also destroy the  food sources of the animals, which is why many animals are starving and dying off. Another factor that forces animals into extinction is waste and pollutants. The presence of waste and pollutants can contaminate the environment as well as their habitats. The animals can’t find clean and healthy food sources and water. So, is there anything that we can do to protect these endangered animals?

The answer is yes. We can protect endangered animals by doing several things. For example, we can visit national parks to learn more about the animals in their habitat. By doing so, we will understand that the habitat is important for the animal’s life. Therefore, we can search for some ways to keep the habitat and animals. Another thing that we can do is ban animal body trading. Some greedy people kill animals only to take their body parts. Then, the body parts are used to make bags, shoes, clothes, and others. This action can endanger animals, especially the ones that are already at risk of extinction. We can boycott this action to stop animal abuse and killing.

Another way to save an endangered animal is following the 3R recommendation. What is it? We can reduce, recycle, and reuse waste so that our waste will not pollute the environment. For example, we can do 3R for home waste such as plastic, clothes, chemical substances, food, and others. A cleaner environment will allow the animals to live a better life. We can also donate our money to a non-profit organization that protects the endangered animal family we care about. We can donate it directly to those organizations, or we can purchase some of their products, whose profits support endangered animals. For example, you can purchase a wildlife t shirt provided by 4WildLife. Purchasing products such as t-shirts and apparel will help the organizations save the endangered animals. You can choose various products according to the kind of animals that you want to save such as cheetah, tiger, jaguar, and others. A portion of the profits will be given to support programs that will save many endangered animals.