Love your pet and the planet with these pioneering products

We ought to spend more time playing together with our pets to make them happy. But we often get caught up with life, yet our furry friends may not understand. Thankfully, eco-friendly toys contribute to fun moments as well. These products are designed to make pet care more convenient. Moreover, they ensure that the safety and health of our pets are not compromised.

Finding the perfect toys for your pets

Like most dog lovers, you are probably worried about BPA, lead, phthalates, and PVC finding their way into your pet’s digestive system. Unlike food products meant for pet consumption, pet toys and accessories are less regulated in the UK. However, there are regulatory standards for pet products by independent testing bodies like REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of Chemicals) and GPSD (General Product Safety Directive). These agencies offer independent testing on pet products for elements such as:

  • Toxins
    • Heavy metals
    • Colourfastness to saliva ratio
    • Azo dyes colourant

Most pet parents discover the risks of some toys only after their dogs undergo a veterinary examination. Some materials, when swallowed, may damage the intestines. In most cases, you can’t make any legal claims from the manufacturer because their packaging doesn’t include a proper safety policy.

Benefits of eco-friendly pet toys

You would be at peace knowing that your puppy is gnawing on items that are free of toxic compounds. You can achieve this by purchasing organic dog toys from a reputable supplier. After picking one from Wild Thought’s range of eco dog toys, you’ll also feel good about being kind to Mother Nature. In the next section, we have listed five products that are not just humane to domestic animals but gentle with the environment too.

Best toys for dogs

We highly recommend the following items because they are organic and have been tested and proven safe for dogs of all ages. They are natural, 100% biodegradable, and easy on canine teeth. It’s time you start caring for the planet as much as you love your pups.

  • Pineapple Dog Toy: This is made of natural rubber and makes an excellent treat dispenser. Your dog will have fun chewing it while it helps to wash away food debris from the gums and teeth. The Pineapple Dog Toy doubles as a training toy and minimises barking and digging.
    • Duran Fruit: Designed with FDA-grade rubber from FSC-certified forests, Duran Fruit allows your pooch to exercise the jaw as it massages the gum.
    Treat Bone: This is a tough beco bone with a vanilla scent that can also work as a dispenser for dry food. Put all the treats in its hollow centre and your pup will thank you for it.
    • Ball on Rope: The Ball on Rope is a springy ball with organic rubber and a recycled cotton rope. Your dog will have something to flex with during playtime.
    • Clover Ball: Another treat dispenser that is safe for puppies to chew. Let your pet play with Clover Ball during crate training or a separation period to reduce anxiety.

Depending on the choice of a dog toy, you can help your canine friend achieve optimal oral health, stimulate their mind, or stay physically active. Make sure you’re giving your pets a sustainable toy with genuine eco-friendly credentials.

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