What Makes Goldendoodles So Popular?

With the popularity of Labradoodles, the breeders in the country began to realize the benefits of crossing different dog breeds with the standard poodle. This has given rise to new mixed breeds like Maltipoo, Cavipoo, Berndoodle, Goldendoodle, and so on. Since Goldendoodles are social and non-aggressive, they make for great human companionship. Furthermore, the temperament and overall good health make the f1bb mini goldendoodle ideal for service and therapy dogs.

Availability of different sizes

The Goldendoodle is a mixture of two small and intelligent dog breeds, the golden retriever and the poodle. The breed came into existence in the late 1990s and, ever since, has emerged as a popular choice among pet parents. Their average weight is around 50 pounds, and their average height is 21 inches. Recently, breeders have come up with different sizes to accommodate people’s demands. The four popular sizes available are:

  1. Standard
  2. Medium
  3. Mini
  4. Petite

One can get hold of a Goldendoodle of varying size based on the apartment size and other combined factors.

Range of color options

Since both the breeds (golden retriever and poodle) have a wide array of coat colors, one can also find different color variations in Goldendoodles. When one visits a pet store, he/she will discover that Goldendoodles are not always solid-colored. They are also available in chocolate and dark apricot colors and can be cream-colored, pale, and even black. Often, some f1bb mini goldendoodle pups are found with markings on their body, which makes them appear unique.

Smart and intelligent

One of the highlighting aspects of Goldendoodles is that they are bright and knowledgeable. The breed is a quick learner when compared to other breeds. Furthermore, they are quick to learn tricks, making them ideal for jobs like therapy and service dogs. It is said that the right training and socialization make them the most intelligent breed.

Minimal shredding

Individuals often fail to own a dog despite their desire. This is because they are allergic to dog hair. However, Goldendoodles are not 100% hypoallergenic but are suitable for those with mild allergies. The welcoming news is that Goldendoodles are low to shredding, and sometimes, there is no shredding. Henceforth, there is high popularity of Goldendoodles among pet parents.

Great companion and family pet

Their social, outgoing, non-aggressive, and friendly behavior makes Goldendoodles an ideal family pet. The breed enjoys the company of people and wants to play around, run, and cuddle with kids and grownups. They are known to thrive in human companionship and are always looking for ways to please their master.


Because of their friendly attitude, f1bb mini goldendoodle pups are considered the friendliest. Although there is no complication with shredding, it is necessary to maintain hygiene and groom them with proper bathing and haircut sessions. Not taking care of their coat can result in skin issues that can seriously impact mobility. With the rise in popularity, the cost of Goldendoodles seems to be increasing daily. One needs to visit a reliable pet store and get hold of a healthy Goldendoodle.