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With the popularity of Labradoodles, the breeders in the country began to realize the benefits of crossing different dog breeds with the standard poodle. This has given rise to new mixed breeds like Maltipoo, Cavipoo, Berndoodle, Goldendoodle, and so on.

SpotOn Virtual Fence is a service that helps businesses define and manage virtual boundaries around their property. It uses GPS to create a virtual fence around a specific location, and then alerts the business when someone enters or leaves the

Who isn’t familiar with the minor twist of the knee? We all have experienced it at some point in life which could be extremely painful. Humans and animals share the same pain, especially our canine buddies. The worst part is

We adore our dogs for a variety of reasons, including their affection, loyalty, and sense of humor. Our dogs don’t always know what’s best for themselves. Our dogs might easily get dehydrated due to their high level of activity and