Things We Can Do To Endangered Animals

Have you ever heard about endangered animals? Generally, endangered animals mean that the animals are at a high risk of extinction. The endangered animals have a small population. There is a declining trend in this small population. In the worse condition, the number of animals in one population is less than 5. In addition, most endangered animals have lost their habitats. It will lead to worse conditions since the animals can’t live and get the food source in their habitats.

Some factors can influence the population decrease of the animals. One of them is overhunting. You may even hear about the hunting of rhino horns. For several years, rhinos have been haunted because people want to get their horns. The overhunting makes the number of rhinos decrease and leads to their extinction. That’s why some countries have banned hunting for several endangered animals. Another factor that influences the population of animals is habitat loss. Some animals can only live in their original habitat. When they lose it, they are at risk of death. The habitat loss can be caused by some factors such as deforestation, mining, tourism, pollution, and others. Therefore, it’s important to keep the habitat for the animals.

Another thing that can cause animal extinction is the conflict between wild animals and humans. As you probably know, many settlements are developed in the habitat of wild animals. This condition will force the animal there to fight back for their home which can lead to conflict between wild animals and humans. As a result, some wild animals are killed in the process. Some animals also have low birth rates. It affects their ability to maintain the stability of the population. That’s why animals with low birth rates are at risk of extinction.

Well, in order to avoid the extinction of animals and to save the endangered animals, we must take action immediately. How do we do it? Many things that we can do to save endangered animals. One of them is minimizing plastic, herbicide, and pesticide use. Minimizing these materials can prevent the contamination of these materials into the environment. So, there will be no pollutants in the environment and the animals can live there. Another thing that we can do is by learning more about endangered animals so that we can spread the awareness of the endangered animals to other people or communities.

We can also support organizations that focus on saving and protecting endangered animals. Generally, these organizations will need help in the funding for their operations. That’s why we can donate to these organizations. The donation can be given directly to the organization. Or else, we can donate by purchasing some apparel or accessories so that the profits will be given to the organization. For example, purchasing the wildlife hoodie from 4WildLife. This organization sells some merchandise and apparel such as hoodies and t-shirts for the funding of saving animal organizations. You can select which apparel and animals. They will use the profits to fund the organizations.