Your Horse Will Thrive in the Right Stable

Horses require a lot of care in order to thrive. There is a reason why you won’t find a horse in anyone’s backyard, for instance. A stable is required so that horses can have a safe and secure place to eat, exercise, and live.

If you have enough land, it can mean building stables right on the property.  But that can be expensive in so many different ways, so it isn’t necessarily possible for some horse lovers to make a reality.

If you aren’t quite sure whether a stable is right for you, there are more than a few reasons that will solidify things. Here are just a few reasons why bringing your horse to the right stable can be the best move for you and the horse.


One of the biggest reasons for stables is the protection that they offer. No matter what the weather is like in your area, horses need shelter from the elements. Having a proper stable means reprieve from those elements.

Too much sunlight, cold, or rain can be detrimental for the health of your horse. By giving them protection in the form of a stable, you can ensure that they are safe and protected no matter how nasty the elements get.

Comfortable and Warm

Horses are capable of bearing temperatures that humans may be comfortable with but this doesn’t mean that they should be exposed to cold on a regular basis. Having the proper stable means staying warm and comfortable no matter what the temperature is like outside.

More importantly, a stable is a place of comfort for horses. It is their place where they can relax and find comfort. That can mean wonders for the demeanour of the horse and provide stability where they need it most.

Diet Control

Whether you stable on your own or do so through a local stable, one of the most important aspects is diet control. When putting horses to pasture, it can mean that ponies in particular can get overweight because of overeating.

But in a stable setting, diets can be controlled. That means horses only getting their essential dietary needs instead of gorging and getting overweight. It is important for competition horses especially, given that they need certain dietary restrictions to ensure that they are able to reach peak and maximum performance. These are just a few of the benefits of the right stable.